Membership Application:


1. All members will have no-contact payments. You may also add tips when you order. Order via phone call, email, and even facebook, then pick up within 10 minutes. Of course, you may also order when you walk into the shop. No receipt signature necessary!

2. All members may order in advance and even set a schedule. You can skip the line if you have scheduled. Grab and go!

(All members with a set schedule qualify for no-contact delivery for Midcity, Bayou St. John, Fairgrounds, and Lakeview south of I610, $5 fee.)

3. All members may have their own custom drinks in 12oz glass bottles, which you should bring back for recycling and get 15% extra off your next order!

4. All members’ 7th drink is free.


1. Fill out this contact form.

2. We will send you a Payment Authorization Form, the Membership Waiver, and the Delivery Schedule Form to sign.

3. Return all the Forms and your membership starts right away!

Thank you for everything!